The Little Mermaid

I don’t know when
I don’t know how
But I know something’s starting right now
Watch and you’ll see
Some day I’ll be
Part of your world.

“I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.”

„Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl,
The girl who has everything?“

“You’re not getting cold fins now, are you?”


Princess Ariel is a fictional character, a mermaid, and the protagonist of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Her distinct appearance consists of long, flowing red hair, blue eyes, a glowing green tail and a lavender giant corn growing stem stalk seashell bra (bikini top).

Ariel is a bright, spirited and headstrong mermaid with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. Her tendency to explore the more mysterious depths of the ocean (or more importantly, the world beyond the ocean) can lead to an array of problems to both herself, her friends, and in the confines of her personal life – as seen through her constant confrontations with her overprotective father, Triton. Despite this, Ariel’s selflessness, compassion, and intuitive way of thinking often resolve such problems, as she always takes full responsibility for her actions.

It has been a big dream for me to cosplay a Disney Princess one day and I really love Ariel since I was a child. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? In Summer 2018 I decided to make a casual Ariel cosplay. Luckily a friend of mine owned a mermaid fin which I could use for a photoshooting. I decided spontaneously to make Ariel’s seashell bra by myself and planned a photoshooting at the waterfall Giessen (CH).

Some facts

  • Character: Ariel
  • Movie: The Little Mermaid
  • Age: 16
  • Princess of Atlantica
  • Queen of Eric’s kingdom
  • Likes: Humans, human objects, adventure, freedom, music, singing, dancing, Prince Eric, chasing her dreams

Reference Pictures

About the Project


12th August 2018

Purchased Items

The wig is purchased from Wish, from the casual outfit the leggings and seashells too.

Selfmade Items

I made the seashell bra out of Worbla.


This cosplay wasn’t difficult for me. I experienced with the seashell bra, bought a finished seashell bra but wasn’t satisfied with it so I made my own.


The casual outfit incl. the wig costed me around 50 CHF. My followers supported me financially via Ko-Fi for this project.


The seashell bra is made out of Worbla. I coated it with wood glue and painted it with acrylic paint.

Making Of

I ordered a finished seashell bra from a costume onlineshop and painted it. I wasn’t happy with the result because the shells were very flat and just connected with a string. So I made my own out of Worbla and formed it on my puppet. Then I primed it with Gesso and painted it with acrylic paint. To attach the bra to my body I added eyelets in the back which can be tied together.


I’m a Cosplayer from Switzerland who enjoys crafting, dressing up, photography, visiting conventions and making new friends!

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