„It unleashes psychic power from the orb on its forehead. When its power is exhausted, the orb grows dull and dark.“

“It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy’s actions.”

„An Espeon is extremely loyal to any trainer it considers to be worthy.“


Espeon is a Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 2. It is known as the Sun Pokémon.

It is my favorite Pokémon since I played Pokémon Gold for the first time and it still is. It was always a wish from me to cosplay a Pokémon or especially an Eveelution. 2017 this dream came true where I cosplayed Espeon with a group at the Fantasy Basel.

Some facts

  • Name: Espeon
  • Series: Pokémon
  • National №: 196
  • Type: Psychic
  • Height: 2′11″ (0.9 m)
  • Weight: 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)

Reference Pictures

About the Project


April 29th 2017

Purchased Items

The only things bought are the wig and the lenses.

Selfmade Items

This was the first time I worked with Worbla. The breastplate, the collar and the bracelets are selfmade with worbla. The skirt is selfsewn and I made the ears by myself.

Nagini as Espeon

I was very challenged by this project and had to remake the breastplate because I undermistated the pattern and just layed a sheet on my mannequin which didn’t work. This project was one of my first big cosplays and I worked with different materials. It was a challenging thing but not too difficult with enough tutorials from the internet.


To be honest I don’t know how much it costed but I guess it was around 140.- CHF.


The armor is made with Worbla and acrylic paint. The skirt and sleeves are made of silk fabric and the ears are made of fake fur and wire.

Making Of

The breastplate and other armor parts

First of all, I made a sketch of the whole outfit. For the breastplate I used black Worbla. I wrapped myself into transparent foil and tape. Then I traced the pattern with a pen onto it and cutted it out. I transfered the pattern to the Worbla sheet and formed it with the heat gun on my puppet. This was the moment when I saw that this wouldn’t work. So I googled for corset patterns to get an idea how I should make the pattern. The second attempt was succesfull and I was able to put every piece together. I was very lucky to have this mannequin because it helped me a lot with the breastplate. Then I added the details with the leftovers and made holes like a corsage in the back where I fastened the breastplate.

I used woodglue to prime the whole thing and acrylic paint for the colors. In the end I sealed it with a protective polish. I made my own rhinestones with Worbla Crystal Art and attached them with hot glue to the breastplate.

For the arm bracelets and the collar I used the same method. Then I glued the fabric to the bracelets.

The skirt

I had no sewing experience back then and that’s why the skirt is very poorly made. I just wrapped the fabric around my hip and sewed an elastic band on.

The ears and tail

The fabric for the ears was terrible. When you’ve cut it, little particles of it were flowing through the air. It was everywhere. I created a pattern of the ears with paper to look if I like it with my head, then transfered it to the fabric. I added wire with hot glue so that the ears stand up. I attached them to a headband. I did the same with the tail. Cutting out the shape and adding wire so it keeps it’s shape.


I’m a Cosplayer from Switzerland who enjoys crafting, dressing up, photography, visiting conventions and making new friends!

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