Harley Quinn

Arkham Asylum Alternative Nurse Version

„Can ya hear me? Is this thing on? Oh. Hiya, B-Man. Harley Quinn here. How do you like my new uniform? Pretty hot, huh? Oh, I got something to show you… One second, B-man!“

„When Mr. J kills Batman, we’re gonna get married. It’s gonna be so cool.“

„Mr. J is so going to beat Bat-brain. He doesn’t stand a chance.“

„Come and get me, Bats. I double dare ya!“


This version of Harley Quinn was the first design of Carlos D’Anda for the game „Batman: Arkham Asylum“ and I fell instantly in love with it! My inspiration was Faerie Blossom and in 2018 I decided to create this cosplay.

This was a reason to finally finish the cowl which was really hard for me since it was pretty difficult to make it fit and I wasn’t really happy with all the results. After about 10 times trying to remake it I was finally happy with the cowl. The rest of the outfit was pretty easy.

I wore it to the Fantasy Basel 2018 and I’d really like to take pictures of it in a lost place.

Some Facts

  • Character: Harley Quinn
  • Comic: Batman (DC Universe)
  • Abilities: expert gymnast, immunity to various toxins, utilizes weaponized props, genius level intellect, trained in psychiatry
  • Height: 170 cm (5′ 7″)
  • Weight: 64 kg (140 lbs)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond
Harley Quinn - Zombie Version
Harley Quinn drawing

Reference Pictures

About the Project


May 10th 2018


I didn’t need to buy many things so this costume was pretty cheap. Maybe around 15$?

Purchased Items

I only bought small things; the white shirt, the tights and the name tag.

Harley Quinn Mugshot
Selfmade Items

The cowl and the gloves have been selfmade by me.


For the cowl and the gloves I used the same fabric as for the original bodysuit. I also used elastic band for the face part of the cowl so it stays in the right place. As a closure I used a zipper in the back and in the end I filled the horns with cotton.


The only difficult thing was the cowl since I needed many tries until I was content with the result. The other things were pretty easy to make.

Making Of

The cowl

For the cowl I asked my boyfriend to draw my faceshape from the side to a paper so I had a basic pattern for it. Then I traced it to the fabric and sewed it together. In the back I placed the zipper and sewed it on, then I opened the thread. For the horns I wore the cowl and marked where I wanted to place the horns. Then I’ve cut out the shape of the horns on paper to control if I’m happy with the shape. If yes, I traced it to the fabric, sewed it together and sewed it on the holes. I made small pompom’s with yarn and sewed them by hand on the end’s of the horns. Finally I stuffed them with cotton.

The dress

I bought the dress online from China and had to alter it a bit. It was very wide and I wanted it to be more thight so I sewed it thighter at the hips. The sleeves were long so I’ve cut them short and sewed them. I tried to place the blood stains as exactly as possible like the concept art. I used fake blood for this.


I already owned the mask so I hadn’t to create a new one.

The shoes were originally black so I took a spray can with red color and painted it. It doesn’t stay perfectly on the shoe but this costume has to look a bit used and damaged so this is fine.

I took a button I already owned and drew a smiley on a paper and put it into the button. I bought the tag in a stationery store and created the tag with photoshop and printed it out.

For the gloves I traced my hands on the fabric and cutted it out. Then I sewed it together.

I ordered red and purple thights and took from each one piece and ripped it. I tried to rip it as similar as possible to the original.


I’m a Cosplayer from Switzerland who enjoys crafting, dressing up, photography, visiting conventions and making new friends!

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